TSX Members

P2 Business Solutions is a founding member of TSX Members, independent master telecom agencies and leading MSP/VARs with direct contracted relationships with cloud and telecommunications suppliers. We offer our members competitive advantages through access to each partner's service provider agreements and share best practices to evolve our respective businesses.

Growing Your Business

We combine our collective supplier portfolios so that you can represent new products and services. TSX continually examines new products and services so that we have the latest connectivity and cloud solutions in the marketplace. Because each TSX master agent has strengths and specialties, we collectively work to leverage those strengths to make each individual member's business stronger.

Core Values

  • The Golden Rule – Treat each member as you wish to be treated
  • Observe the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing
  • Member Sub-Agents are considered most valued assets and are 100% off-limits
  • Strength of character through ethical operations and industry reputation
  • Memorandum of understanding will be agreed to by all TSX members
  • Sharing best practices for operations and industry knowledge with each member
  • Bringing great value to suppliers via increased volume through aggregation of TSX members